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Platelet Rich Plasma

A natural method based on blood sample

Platelets have the capacity to locally release growth factors that activate the initiation of skin regeneration mechanisms.

Obtained from your own blood, the risk of allergy or rejection is minimized. By promoting the process of tissue regeneration, injections of A-PRP mesotherapy induce an improvement in the quality of the skin and smoothing facial wrinkles, low neck, cleavage and hands.


  • Deep wrinkles, fills, harmonizes and balances facial volumes.
  • Concealer, stimulates microcirculation and plumps the contour of your eye.
  • Treatment of scars, stretch marks, acne marks or hypertrophic scars.
  • Stimulating hair, adds luster hair, slowed their fall and active regrowth.
  • Post laser treatment or peeling, acts as an analgesic and anti-inflammatory for pain associated with these treatments.

What is PRP?

By definition PRP means, platelet rich plasma, an extraordinary and natural technique for repair of skin and hair growth to rejuvenate without surgery.

Stress, smoking, pollution, lack of sleep, sun, toll of time …
Your face is tired, scarred, puffy dark circles …
Or you start losing your hair …
You see settling sagging skin on your body, you have stretch marks and scars …

You would like to regain a youthful glow? Treatment of PRP is a completely natural regeneration technique, effective and safe.

The autologous platelet rich plasma draws its power of regeneration in your own vital resources such as your cells and growth factors. 

PRP allows the skin to repair itself and regain its freshness and tone.

It’s biostimulant effectiveness makes it a natural cellular bio “boost” compare to other.

The technique consist of taking a blood sample, centrifuge it 5 min., to collect and inject the plasma at the location that is to be treated by mesotherapy technique that consists of multiple superficial injections with fine short needles that are almost painless.

• Redensification, tonicity, and repulping the skin, improvement in skin tone and even filling of fine wrinkles.
• Regrowth and hair vitality, with sometimes, a recoloration phenomenon .

These results will be visible 30 days after the first session and to maximize these results, it is recommended to have between 1 and 3 sessions at intervals of 1 month for a period of the results of more or less 12 months. And if one wishes to maintain these results, then we recommend thereafter about 1 session per year.

The use of PRP is not limited to aesthetic practice, it is also used for skin repair during surgical skin grafts or gums. PRP is also used in orthopedic treatments.

• PRP injections increase the concentration of platelet growth factors of the level of a lesion, thus leading to a proliferation of fibroblasts which in turn will promote tissue healing.

• Dark circles
• Wrinkles of the neck, cleavage, arms, or back of the hand
• Facial skin devitalized
• Fine facial lines
• Those wishing a natural result
• To counter hair loss

The use of the PRP in the treatment of hair growth.
This will enable an improvement in capillary microcirculation and germline stimulation bulb.

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