Scalp, bores, moustache
and other defects of pilosity.

This treatment compensates for the absence or the loss of hair. For example, at the time of a microgreffe, the permanent make-up between the grafts offers an intermediate “still life deception”. It can be also used for a shading of the glabrous zones of the scalp or between the grafts, after capillary implants. It also makes it possible to camouflage the defects of pilosity due to after-effects of accidents or corrective surgical operation (ex: hare nozzle).

By drawing a hair at the same time and by using three colours of colors to give to the hair thus drawn the effect of shade, the result is completely natural. Grace to its apparatuses of fine point, needles of finest and the meticulousness of its technicians, Néo-Derma gives again the illusion of a real hair.

Hair growth

Injection of vitamins and trace elements needed for regrowth. The result is a cessation of hair loss at first and slow regrowth thereafter.

Treatment is administered using very fine needles. It is virtually painless and requires no preparation or special care after the session. The injections cause moderate pain felt like insect bites. They may be performed by hand or using an electric spray gun. Hematomas are exceptional face and resolve in a few days on the body.

There are no cons-indications outside pregnancy. The treatment is performed to the rhythm of scéance every 10 days for 4 to 6 weeks, then reminders every 6 to 8 weeks.


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