Eyebrows are the frame of the eye

Eyebrows “hair by hair” or “3D”

The eyebrows are done with the technique “hair by hair”, a specialty of Joëlle B. Le Blanc.
Three colors are selected and applied to give the illusion of hair and shades (“3D” effect).
Very small and refined lines give the effect of having a little extra hairs in your natural brow line. Specialized in facial morphology you will be well advised. Photo shots (confidential and are yours) are taken during the entire process. During the consultation, we will discover together, millimeter by millimeter strokes, what are the possibilities. We take this opportunity to rebalance your eyebrows by giving (if you wish) a “lifting” effect. The colors are custom-built for each person, very especially taking into account the millbase which is specific to each. This ensures that the chosen colors remains as beautiful over the years. This technique should be performed ONLY by a specialist.

“The technique used by the artist really give the effect of having hair that I would comb”.


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