Who is Neo-Derma

Who is Neo-Derma

NEO-DERMA is primarily Joëlle B. Le Blanc (owner). This is a committed artist who holds 22 awards including 17 International since 1991. An experienced artist and not a mere technician to whom you trust. The precise lines of his drawings and his sense of aesthetics ensures result quite natural. Its strength is in the composition of its own colors.

NEO- DERMA has the expertise to make up all skin types and all ethnic groups. Most tell her “cold” (blue) others are more “hot” (melon or honey). They may be either ; “Olive” (Mediterranean), “waxy” (Asian) , “fishing” (Indian Latin American), “pink”, “transparent” and “translucent”. Each skin tone classification is also defined by its saturation value.

We offer simple and clear contracts to guarantee satisfaction and follow-up after cosmetic procedure . We certify middle and insured services , safe and hygienic in accordance with the standards. During the consultation , we will offer you medical advice , morphological and appropriate aesthetics. You must be totally confident before choosing your technician.

I invite you not to hesitate to ask me , in confidence, all questions necessary to reassure you.
You can also visit my personal website : www.joellebleblanc.com

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