I do not know how to explain now how I feel . I am so happy to have finally beautiful and full eyebrows. Also I express my joy I let my spouse to wake up and get up before me without fear. Or of having no eyebrows or to fear that the pencil drawing of my eyebrows to be transferred on the sheets. Hey ! How I would have loved to have had confidence before !
Hélène T. (newly wed)

Thank you for giving me so helped her decide. Your service is exceptional and consultation has also taught me a lot about me . Since you gave me a new look with my new eyebrows , I have confidence in myself. Even at my work, my insurance is noted .
Danièle D. (doctor)

After your surgery I had a fear of not having made ​​a good decision . Even seeing my new image in the mirror I was too abrupt change. But today , you have no idea how much I ‘ve compliments. Anyway , as you have repeated to me , after the first month of the procedure shades eased . The wedding of your delicate lines is in perfect harmony with my own “colors”.
Christine (teacher who had no hair)

The nuances of your drawing are so real that I feel like combing my eyebrows !
Andrée (hairdresser)

Nobody noticed my permanent makeup, but many have asked me if I had taken a vacation and told me that I avaisl’air rested.
Louise (Executive Chairman)

Dear Friend,
Being a woman is to feel beautiful and spotless at all times. Today, with the Permanent makeup, every woman’s dream come true. A hemmed and well-shaped mouth , underscore and intensified look, a stylized eyebrows … your beauty becomes permanent . Sophisticated or natural, each of us will affirm her style and personality.
Sincerely, Danny Attali

It is a gift that you and your mission is to change the lives of people like me! I had more hair and I gained confidence in myself and in life itself ! Also what a great meeting! You make a great team !

I had two full bars above my eyes , another makeup made ​​me eyebrows that seemed far as false or poorly drawn … and my makeup looked really too much. But GRACE your angel hands and your good advice I FINALLY EYEBROWS Dreams! AND NATURAL to look! Thank you for your patience and for the time that you give me to understand my needs. I was really confident with the way you have guided me . Very professional ! Well Done!

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