Personal color test

Personal color test

To know which pallet of color suits you best, offers a crowd of advantages to us. It gives us an excellent bench mark to choose the good colors adapted to your skin, as well for the corrections as the permanent make-up. Moreover, it enables you to choose the better make-up, the colors of clothing and accessories which favour you. Even, a traditional or artistic make-up must conform to it to have the required results.

To identify your pallet, we base ourselves on what nature proposes to us. This is why, we name them by the seasons of the year.

  • The summer and the spring are seasons with more bluish blood. (cold)
  • The autumn is one season with a dye plus “melon”. (heat)
  • Winters is one season where the skin is more “honey”. (heat)

This process last about one hour in front of a large mirror. We cover your hair with a cap and we hide the bust. We want to be certain to compare your dye without another influences than our paperboards and texture. We also offer yours to keep, your personal compact color chart. Your receipt of color for the application of your pigments will be preserved in our files and is yours. This formula thus obtained will be useful to us for a final improvement or a fitting with another color. A final improvement is often necessary after one month, because the skin can reject, by places, some pigments. We test the mixture on the top of your skin before the intervention and if need we readjust.

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