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What is permanent make-up?

Frequently compared at tattoo, permanent make-up is made with an electric pencil with a high precision like a pen. The needle used is sterilized and has a single use. Contrary at tatto, pigments are introduced under the surface part of the skin, less than one milimetre of depth. Like this, the color locates itself in the epidermis and not in the derm.

NEO-DERMA use a machine, with a computer integrated, who helps us to have the speed and the depth, for the result that we want. According to the type of skin, the part of face or of body, we need to reconsider the method to apply the colors (pigments).

In general, the permanent make-up lasts ten years. This is completely desirable, since your morphology, your features and the modes in term of make-up changing with time. The color varies enormously according to several factors, which are in particular:

  • The selected color; lifespan of each color being different.
  • The solar accumulation of exposure which can vary, to see even fading the color.
  • Cellular regeneration. With ageing, this one tends to slow down and the color holds better.
  • Capacity of phagocytosis, i.e. “digestion” of the pigment by the organization.

For you ensure a maximum of comfort during the treatment, we employ three stages of local freezing (FDA and Health Canada approved). Following the treatment, the puffiness is tiny.

Your beauty day starts with a personalized welcome.

The consultation is the step where we take into account your tastes, your body and your personality. Specializing in facial morphology you will be well advised. Photo shots (confidential and are yours) are taken during the entire process. During the consultation, we will discover together, millimeter by millimeter strokes, what are the possibilities. Following our discussions, we will define together the best eye line, shape of eyebrows, lips or any other requests.

Making you our priority, neo-derma team is always on the cutting edge. Our concerns is to maintain the highest standards of quality and durability of our pigments. In any case, we will customize the right colors for you. They are composed and balanced to keep their original color. Lasting and “unique” colors specially created for each person.
This is an important decision and we want you to live a beautiful experience. Taking appointments is essential. Conscientious, we will take the time required to judiciously advise you and guide you through the process. This also allows us to perform the complete procedure and prevent unnecessary retouch. Otherwise, be sure that we give you a free retouch and correction on your next visit. Our ultimate concern is to ensure FULL SATISFACTION!

We also offer:
After treatment cares.
VIP neo-derma card opportunities.

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